About me


Hi, I’m Brooks Lockett – SaaS copywriter and founder of GoCopyTech.

Before I give you my spiel, I’ll answer the question you might be asking yourself:

“So… why B2B SaaS copywriting?”

Because you’re the torch-bearing titans of the business world. You solve painful problems that everyone has by providing easy-to-use solutions.

You make work less stressful for really stressed out people. As a consultant, I benefit from SaaS solutions every single day. It’s what grants me the work-life balance I want.

For the millions of overbooked parents who want to spend more time with their kids

……or the small tech business owners who want to scale…

…or enterprises looking to expand their SaaS offerings…

I’ll happily bring the message that sells it.

But here’s why I focus 100% on SaaS:

When your copy is done by generalist “creatives” who have no SaaS experience, you end up with copy that sends out the wrong signal to would-be customers.

Copy that confuses your website visitors, rather than turn them into leads. No matter how great your solution is, copy that’s vague and wrong will hold you back. That’s why you need copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

Copy that positions you against your actual competitors. And copy that speaks to the real pain your customers are experiencing.

And here’s why you should care enough to chat about projects with me… Copywriting for SaaS businesses takes specialized, industry-specific skills that 99.9% of copywriters lack.

The generalist who writes catchy slogans for everything from lawnmowers to surfboard brands might charge you basement level rates… but won’t ever come close to getting you the results you need.

The specialized copywriter who focuses 100% on SaaS will.

Now a little bit about my background:

I studied English in college at Florida State University. While my classmates got all stirred up about journalism,

I went all in on applying my writing chops in marketing.

I wrote on the side for a few online publications and had a blast during two summer internships, one in Chicago and one in New York City. But when I did content marketing my senior year at a local software startup called VR Systems, I knew that was it.

I started reading everything I could and figuring out my future niche.Fast forward 3 years later, and I spend my days writing high-performing copy for SaaS companies  that are serious about growth from my apartment in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

You’ll find me mountain biking on the weekends (or during mid-day breaks) and traveling for long periods of time.
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