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Frequently asked questions, answered.

What are your rates?

A few important things to know here:

1) I charge by the project (*unless we’re a good fit for an ongoing retainer).

Why? Hourly rates shift the focus to, well, hours — when we should be focusing on value. Charging by the hour incentivizes you to want the freelancer to work faster, and for the freelancer to take as long as they can to maximize their payout.

In the end, nobody wins.

Quoted per project, you know where precisely every dime you’re spending is going before we even start.

To give you an idea, most of my projects have a wide range from around $2,500 to $10,000+. Share your budget with me in the form, and I can give you an estimate that respects your company’s resources while maximizing your ROI.

*Long-term retainers will be structured differently than flat-fee projects. If that’s the case, let me know in the form and I’ll address it when we talk.

2) I require half-payment up front for all projects.

If we’re a good match to work together, I’ll send over a project proposal that includes my quote. For me to plan out your project start-date, I need half the payment up front so I can agreeably turn down other project inquiries.

What does your deliverable package look like?

This depends on the overall scope we agree on up front. But the package you get usually looks something like this:
- Website audits and teardowns – delivered via screen recording with facecam.
- Website and landing page copy (delivered via wireframe in Balsamiq), email copy, video script copy, or customer case studies.
- Video walkthroughs / screen recording of each deliverable.

And of course, we’ll have regularly scheduled check-ins and progress reports.

*There are a few (important) intangibles here too. With your actual deliverables, you’re getting insights into your customers and competitors that apply to much more than just your copy. This research informs your content marketing strategy, sales cycle, new feature builds, and the way you position yourself in the market.

What’s your lead time?

The short answer: ballpark of ~1-4 weeks.

The long answer: it depends. Once we nail down the project scope and list of deliverables, I can get you a more accurate time estimate that works for both of us.

Full disclosure, my calendar is usually full, and I’ll never be available tomorrow. You should be wary of the copywriters who can start immediately. They’re usually the ones who aren’t good, and therefore, can’t fill their schedules.

Can you guarantee conversions?

I’ve had this come up a few times and I can see why this might make sense for a client. So I’ll address it before we even speak.

Nobody, including me, can guarantee conversions.


There are simply too many variables that I can’t control. Your design team might go against my advice and jam my copy into a premade template that sucks. You might not have a deep enough product market fit. You might “tweak” my copy in ways that you think are small, but make a difference in the minds of customers. Your sales team, if you have one, might scare customers away.

But here’s what I do guarantee:

- A deeper, more objective understanding of your customers and competitors, and deliverables to capitalize on that understanding.
- Significantly less guesswork when it comes to marketing and sales conversations.
- Messaging that you can be confident will make your website a slippery slope for customers looking to buy your software.

As a freelance copywriter, Brooks has become an invaluable member of our extended creative marketing team at Looker/Google Cloud.

He’s organized, engaged, and obviously loves what he does. He has adapted to our brand’s voice and tone, and takes direction well when needed. His work – email campaigns, blogs, websites, interviews – and working style have been highly praised by our full-time team at all levels.

We’ve had existing campaigns increase in engagement after he optimized them. He’s also helped build new campaigns that have performed above our goals/ KPIs.Brooks is a true collaborator who always asks insightful questions to help shape the strategy of every project. He dives into research with alacrity, seeking to understand a challenging industry and a complex product.

He cares deeply about knowing the audience and the humanity behind the product, so the message is on target at every touchpoint. I highly recommend Brooks to anyone or any org looking for a smart, passionate writer with a sense of humor, who – most importantly – gets results.

Karen Lo, Customer Experience Art Director at Looker