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Limble is growing extremely fast. The two co-founders, Bryan Christiansen and Miguel Ramos, came to me with a large list of copy projects.

But before we wrote a single word of copy, we agreed to first pin down the messaging and positioning strategy.

After 5 weeks of customer research, interviews and strategy sessions, we positioned Limble as the go-to option for nailing the fundamentals of maintenance management:


In our research, we found that customers raved about Limble’s ease-of-use and simplicity.

They weren’t looking for a heavy solution with every bell and whistle imaginable. But a clean solution they could be sure their team of maintenance technicians would use and even enjoy, which is basically unheard of in the CMMS market.
The next low-hanging fruit was user onboarding emails. Limble offers a 30-day free trial where they were currently only sending one welcome email and not nurturing them from trial to paid.

Here’s the first of 11 emails in a well-thought-through user onboarding email sequence I wrote:

User onboarding emails

Limble has invested heavily in organic search and lead capture via gated content. But they weren't nurturing those leads consistently enough to move them to a conversation with sales in an automated way.

Lead nurturing emails

"Brooks has been great to work with. He dove deep into learning not only who our customer is, but exactly how they speak. He reviewed hundreds of reviews, watched demos of our software, conducted interviews and pored over blog posts to make sure he had a great understanding. This is what sets Brooks apart from other generalist copywriters.

He deeply understands specifically what a buyer does when purchasing SaaS software. This combined with the ability to write like the customer speaks causes his copy to resonate in a way other copy can’t.

If you have a SaaS copywriting project I'd highly recommend Brooks."

Bryan Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Limble CMMS

Ongoing Relationship

Limble is a CMMS based out of Lehi, Utah. The software helps maintenance teams (the unsung heroes of the working world) get the basics of maintenance management down when paper and spreadsheets no longer get the job done.

My work with Limble includes copywriting for their website, emails and case studies.
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