Some of my favorite SaaS copywriting projects.

I haven’t put every project I’ve ever worked on here, but the ones I’ve found the most representative of my freelance work. There’s also other SaaS projects still in the works, so feel free to ask me about other project samples.

Limble CMMS

Limble is a CMMS based out of Lehi, Utah. The software helps maintenance teams (the unsung heroes of the working world) get the basics of maintenance management down when paper and spreadsheets no longer get the job done.

My work with Limble includes copywriting for their website, emails and case studies.


Looker is a data analytics company based out of Santa Cruz, California.

They focus on helping everyone in business become more data-driven and make more informed decisions, not just the data science team. They were acquired by Google Cloud Platform in early 2020.

My work with Looker includes includes copywriting for their website pages, email marketing and social media ads.

Together, the Customer Marketing team and I have assembled copy for the following industry verticals:

• Gaming
• Retail
• SaaS
• Healthcare


SimpleCrew is a field team management app that uses geo-tagged photos in a unique way.

The company helps street marketing teams, concerts, events, real estate crews and sports teams manage their teams in the field.

I teamed up with the SimpleCrew’s founder, Mike McCabe, to craft conversion copy for every area of SimpleCrew’s marketing funnel, including:

• New website
• Customer case studies
• User onboarding email drips
• Landing pages
• Cold email prospecting
• Video scripts
• Startup accelerator applications

RAN Wireless

RAN Wireless is a managed data solutions company that provides private networking and internet of things (IoT) services to corporate enterprises and government entities.

I teamed up with the CEO, Marc Decarlo, and head of marketing, Javier Vazquez, to power their digital marketing funnel with conversion-focused copy, including:

• New website
• Customer case studies
• Company data sheets and presentations
• Voice of customer research
• Competitor and positioning research
• Video scripts

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