This article is not in any way, shape or form a brag.

It’s a demonstration of how to “sum yourself up” in your website copy.

There are 22 words in my hero section (not including the nav bar) and I’ve communicated:

  1. My name
  2. What I look like
  3. The types of companies I write copy for
  4. Specific names of companies I’ve worked with
  5. The fact that this is a freelance business, not an agency


If I’ve done my job correctly, I’ve made it extremely clear that visitors would be working with one person, that I’m not an agency, what kind of work they’ll get, what I look like, and my name. 

A lot of information is transferred just in this hero section. 

Imagine if these elements weren’t there.

Visitors would have to try to figure it all out themselves. Unlikely.

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