Anyone who knows me knows I'm really into bikes.

I'm even more into how bike companies communicate their products.

Here's why this simple method works so well.

The combination of layered text on top of high quality image raises the information transfer.

In other words, readers are able to process more of the information the Giant brand is trying to communicate about their product.

Imagine if they showed the product, then walls of feature-focused spec text underneath? You'd probably skim right past it.

Here's the takeaway.

Want people to understand your product? Layer text on top of your product images.

People will soak in so much more information about your product, and more quickly. And more people understanding your product means more leads and sales.

Which brings me to my next point: people get so wrapped up in the “copy versus design” debate. How do you know which one is more important?

The answer is, it's a mix of both (and that's coming from a copywriter!).

The goal of a product page is information transfer. You want to be understood. People who confuse get ignored.

Does your SaaS product pages make use of layered text and visual?

Always show, never tell.

- Brooks

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